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Redbush (Rooibos) & Honeybush Tea

True delights from Africa.

Both Redbush (Rooibos) and Honeybush are naturally caffeine and tannic acid free, and are from controlled organic cultivation.

Redbush tea is fast becoming part of everyday life here in Britain. A tasty alternative to black tea, with its many positve attributes Redbush is a great choice of drink especially for the health conscious. Both Redbush and Honeybush are completely natural, containing no colours or preservatives.

Honeybush is named for it appearance and aroma, the blossoms are bright yellow and smell of honey.

Organic Redbush, pure


South African Redbush, which originates from the Cederberg Mountains, is naturally free of caffeine and tannic acid.

We only offer Redbush which has been repeatedly sieved to ensure an even and premium final product. This 'super-grade' Redbush is of controlled organic cultivation, the needles are long and even and this high quality bush tea can be identified by its rich ruby colour and soft sweet characteristic aromatic taste. For something different try chilled with a splash of lemonade and ice.

100gm  £6.00

250gm  £15.00


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Redbush Chai


A variation of the traditional 'Masala Chai'. Enjoy naturally caffeine free, super-grade organic Redbush with a rich blend of warming and highly aromatic spices. Savour the taste of aniseed, ginger, black pepper, cardamom cinnamon and cloves.


100gm  £6.00

Redbush with Chamomile, Cornflower & Mint


Super-grade organic Redbush, naturally caffeine free, blended with the gentle herbs chamomile and peppermint and decorated with the intense blue of cornflowers. A relaxing tea that will help to settle the stomach and give a feeling of general well-being, enjoy as a hot or cold drink.


100gm  £7.00


Redbush 'Earl Grey'


The classical flavour of the finest Bergamot oil combined with fine, mild, super-grade organic, naturally caffeine free Redbush tea. The Bergamot aroma develops upon brewing, the tea is further refined with lemon peel, creating a zesty freshness, a delicious all day drink.


100gm  £7.00


Redbush & Vanilla


Super-grade organic Redbush blended with delicious and aromatic vanilla pod. A tea to enjoy hot or cold.


100gm  £5.50


Redbush with Orange, Ginger & Peppercorns

 currently out of stock

A fantastic combination of super-grade organic Redbush with delicious hot ginger, fragrant pepper and the freshness of oranges, making this a truly infusion.

Try chilled with a splash of lemonade and ice.


100gm  £7.00


Honeybush, currently out of stock


The Honeybush shrub owes its name to its characteristic appearance. The blossoms are bright yellow and smell of honey, wheras the leaves are somewhat rougher than those of the Redbush. The South Africans call it "vegetable bush", due to its pod-shaped fruits and knobbly roots. Naturally caffeine free, low in tannin and rich with anti-oxidants.

The wild growing plants thrive exclusively on small mountain ranges in the Longkoof District. It is now cultivated organically for commercial purposes in 35 different locations. The infusion tastes pleasantly sweet and aromatic.


100gm  £7.00

Honeybush & Ginger, currently out of stock


Delicious tasty and refreshing South African Honeybush  naturally caffeine free, low in tannin, and rich with

anti-oxidants. Blended with warming ginger, orange peels, rosehips and lemongrass.

Try chilled with a splash of lemonade and ice.


100gm  £5.00


Honeybush & Sacred Tulsi, currently out of stock


A gentle blend of herbs to help you to relax. A soothing combination of caffeine free Honeybush, Indian tulsi, lemongrass, lemon verbena, and chamomile flowers. Enjoy hot or cold.


100gm   £7.00

Redbush Chai
Redbush Chamomile & Cornflower
Redbush Earl Grey
Redbush, Orange, Ginger & Peppercorns
Redbush Cherry & Vanilla
Honeybush & Tulsi
Honeybush & Ginger

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