Chinese Green Tea (rolled leaf)

Chinese Green Tea


This tea is probably the most popular green tea from Zhejiang, south of Shanghai. This rolled tea opens upon brewing to show a fine well-structured leaf, producing a pleasant tasting tea with good aroma and colour.

50gm     £2.25

100gm  £4.50

250gm  £11.25

Earl Grey Green

Green Earl Grey        


A superb green tea, finest Chinese Sen Cha flavoured with the uplifting high quality Bergamot oil and decorated with fragrant jasmine blossoms.

50gm     £3.50

100gm  £7.00


Jasmine & Green Tea

Jasmine Tea


A classic fragrant and uplifting tea, having all the benefits of traditional green tea. The jasmine blossom is reputed to have a soothing, warming and anti-inflammatory effect on painful joints, along with rejuvenating results for dry skin.

Traditionally taken at the end of a meal in order to cleanse the palate and soothe the stomach.

50gm     £2.50

100gm  £5.00



Peppermint Green Tea

Moroccan Mint   


High quality Chinese green tea, with aromatic and lively peppermint, combined to create a special taste experience. This exciting composition develops an unparalleled flavour and scent. The freshness really wakes you up, this classic blend is ideal as a breakfast tea or as an ice tea on hot days.

50gm     £2.75

100gm  £5.50

250gm  £13.75

Green Masala Chai

Green Masala Chai     Currently out of stock


A variation of the original Masala Chai, a delicate and elegant version. Due to the green tea base the spices taste lighter and fresher. The spicy aroma  topped with the crispness of mint makes this a really enjoyable tea hot or cold.

50gm     £2.75

100gm  £5.50

250gm  £12.50

Orange Blossom Oolong

Orange Blossom Oolong


This Oolong tea offers a very special taste experience. The half-fermented tea with its slightly curly leaf has a soft flowery aroma and works beautifully when combined here with delicate orange blossoms and natural orange flavour. One to sip and savour.

50gm    £4.00

100gm  £8.00

250gm  £20.00

Formosan Oolong

Formosan Oolong Tea


This delicious Taiwanese large leaf semi-fermented tea is part green, part black. The fermenting of Oolong is restricted to the outer edge of the leaf, which gives the reddish/brown colour, while the inner remains as a green tea. A process that requires great skill and knowledge.

Still grown on small family owned estates that work together as co-operatives. Oolongs produced a distinctively well-flavoured cup.

50gm     £2.50

100gm  £5.00

250gm  £12.50

Pinhead Gunpowdet
Sen Cha

Sen Cha


The most popular green tea in China. The large leaf is slightly brittle and wiry. The dark olive infusion clearly shows the middle leaf shoots which contain less caffeine have been processed. The taste is extremely soft and mild with a sweet note. Ideally suited for new green tea drinkers or those who prefer a milder tea.

50gm     £2.20

100gm   £4.40

250gm  £11.00

Sen Cha 'Endoras Garden'

Endora's Garden


Absorb yourself in the heady aroma and flavour of the magical 'Endora's Garden'. A beautiful blend of Sen Cha, Bergamot oil, natural cherry flavour, organic rose petals and jasmine blossoms. Pure enchantment in a cup!

50gm     £3.50

100gm   £7.00

250gm  £17.50

Sunshine Blend          


A bespoke blend of mellow Chinese Sen Cha green tea, combined with mouthwatering natural mango flavour along with soothing chamomile and the natural protection of lemongrass.

Sip and feel the glow!

50gm     £3.50

100gm  £7.00


Sen Cha & Lemon

Sen Cha with Lemon


The aroma of brewed green tea and tingling freshness of zesty lemons complement one another perfectly. The select Sen Cha base supports the tangy taste. The natural lemon flavour delivers a subtle sweetness which gives a real kick to this blend. Enjoy hot or cold.

50gm     £3.50

100gm  £7.00


Sen Cha & Orange

Sen Cha with Orange      Currently out of stock


A well-balanced tea of good quality. Mild Sen Cha complements the natural flavour of freshly squeezed sweet oranges. The decoration of the orange blossoms completes this excellent blend which can be served as an ice tea to quench the thirst.

50gm     £3.50

100gm  £7.00


Japanese Sakura


Finest Sen Cha from Japan offers a well-balanced cup of good quality green tea and the natural flavour of cherry. The cherry plays an important role in Japanese culture, with a festival each year to celebrate the beauty of its blossom. Enjoy hot or cold.

50gm     £4.00

100gm   £8.00


White Tips & Jasmine Flowers

White Tea Tips with Organic Jasmine Blossoms


A delicious blend of organic jasmine blossoms and the finest rare white tea tips from the Fujian Province of China. A superb blend producing a golden cup, with a sensual musky taste, cleansing on the palate and settling on the stomach and also has a hydrating and rejuvenating effect on the skin, particularly if very dry. A soft, elegant and fragrant tea suitable any time of the day. White tea is very low in tannin, rich in calcium and has many other properties.

50gm     £7.50

100gm  £15.00

250gm  £37.50

Pai Mu Tan

Pai Mu Tan


These delicious rare white tea tips are the unopened buds of the tea bushes of the Fujian Provinces' short April production, skilfully plucked in very precise conditions. Once plucked and carefully dried the soft furry buds resemble small white blossoms with tiny leaves, which is why the given name is Pai Mu Tan, translated this means White Peony. A delicate tasting, yet powerful tea, rich in calcium and other minerals, holding all the benefits of green tea including the anti-ageing properties.

50gm     £6.00

White Tea with Chamomile & Lavender


Rare white tea tea tips grown in the Fujian Province of China, blended with the soothing and calming herbs chamomile and lavender, creating a refreshing and rejuvenating tea to enjoy.

50gm     £7.50

Silver Needle White Tips

Silver Needle


A rare white tea tip of the Fujian Province, prized for its white teas. The limited production of this fine strain of the tea plant is due to it only having a few days in the year when it can possibly be harvested. For this tea only buds will be used which are still entirely closed or half open.

Silver Needle is a high quality white tip resembling white pine needles. This delicate tea is mellow and soft on the palate, yielding a pale colour in the cup.

20gm     £3.00

50gm     £7.50

Young Hyson

Young Hyson


A superb green tea, produced in the south-west region of China. The leaves are harvested shortly before the spring monsoon. The process of Young Hyson requires the skill of experienced tea workers as the leaf is rolled by hand.

When brewed the tea has a beautiful golden colour with a soft yet substantial taste.

50gm     £2.50

100gm  £5.00

250gm  £12.50

New additions:


*Iron Buddha, Oolong, 50gm £6.00,  100g £12.00,  250gm £30.00


*Jade Sword, 50gm £3.50,  100gm £7.00,  250gm £17.50


*Tit Kom Yum (Oolong) Rosebud & Chamomile, 50gm £3.75,  100gm £7.50,  250gm £18.75


*Tit Kom Yum (Oolong) Jasmine Flowers, 50gm £3.75,  100gm £7.50,  250gm £18.75


*Tit Kom Yum (Oolong) Rosebuds, 50gm £3.75,  100gm £7.50,  250gm £18.75


*Phoenix Oolong, 50gm £10.00,  100gm £20.00,  250gm £50.00


*Phoenix Dragon Pearls (Jasmine), 20gm £3.60,  50gm £9.00,  100gm £18.00,  250gm £45.00


*Sen Cha Tea Powder, 50g £5.00,  100gm £10.00,  250gm £25.00


*Jade Oolong,  50gm £6.00,  100gm £12.00,  250gm £30.00


*Huo Shan Yellow Tea, 50gm £7.50,  100gm £15.00,  250gm £37.50


*White Tips & Rosebuds, 50gm £6.00,  100gm £12.00,  250gm £30.00


*White Tips, Rosebud & Chamomile,  50gm £7.50,  100gm £15.00,  250gm £37.50


*White Tips, Rosebuds & Lemon Verbena, 50gm £6.00,  100gm £12.00,  250gm £30.00


*Sen Cha, Passionfruit, Guava & Mango, 100gm £7.00


*Sen Cha, Plum & Cinnamon, 100gm £7.00


*White Tips, Osmanthus & Lily, 100gm £6.00


*White Tips, Chrysanthemum & Rose, 50gm £6.00


*White Tips, Amaranth Flowers, 100gm £6.00


*Lung Ching (Dragons Well), 50gm £7.50,  100gm £15.00,  250gm £37.50


*Russian Caravan Special Green Blend, 50gm £2.50,  100gm £5.00,  250gm £12.50


*Japanese Matcha Tea Powder, 30gm £9.00, 50gm £15.00, 100gm £30.00


*Hand-tied flowering teaballs,  mixed variety, 3 teaballs £1.00




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GREEN, OOLONG & WHITE TEA............... regarded as a vitalising and health promoting drink, modern research shows that with regular daily drinking green tea may help to lower cholesterol, control high blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels, suppress visible signs of ageing, stimilate the metabolism aiding weightloss, the discoveries continue!

These teas are an excellent way to cleanse and detoxify the body, resulting in more energy.

We always provide the brewing instructions with each of our teas, which we offer as a guide, however if you find the first cup too strong in taste pour away and re-infuse the leaves, the second brew is said to "offer the tender soul of the tea". Also multiple infusions will reduce the levels of caffeine.

Brew, pour and enjoy!

Ban Cha


A popular Japanese green tea, rich in minerals and low in caffeine. After brewing the evenly worked leaf shows its real quality and fine leaf structure, offering a soft taste and is a perfect introduction to the drinking of green teas.

50gm     £6.00

100gm  £12.00

Chun Mee


A popular and ancient green tea of China, grown in the south-east region of the country near to the Yangtze River.

Chun Mee roughly translated means 'precious eyebrow', as the skilfully rolled leaf resembles the eyebrow of Buddha and of the classical beauties depicted in Chinese art.

The tea has a good solid taste accompanied by a slight sweetness and a tangy aroma

50gm     £2.50

100gm  £5.00

250gm  £12.50

Pinhead Gunpowder


Also known as Zucha or Pearl Tea, this gunpowder is fine and the tightness of the deep green rolled leaf is a sign of very high quality. This tea has quite an intense taste, but if you find the cup too tangy, pour the first away and brew the leaf again. Most of the caffeine will be eliminated this way.

50gm     £3.00

100gm   £6.00

250gm   £15.00

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