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*As you can appreciate all items are subject to availability and price changes are determined by the world markets. Irvin's House of Flavour reserve the right to change prices at any time without notice.

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Irvin's House of Flavour is an independent Tea & Coffee Merchant,

established in 2003.


The aim is to always be a business of excellence in both the quality of our products and customer service.


As independent specialists we are committed to bringing the very best to you, our passion is continuous and we care about the community in which we live and work and the communities overseas where our wonderful products come from.


At Irvin's we believe that education is key in creating a better future for all and purchasing from sustainable sources here and overseas. We are not afraid to pay a higher price for our goods because in doing so this enables investment in people and the husbandry of their estates, in order to maintain the high quality to which we have all become accustomed to.


The investment extends to the families of the workers too, in education, healthcare, housing and welfare. For us trading this way is an everyday situation. There are thousands of independent businesses in the UK working this same way making a difference - quietly!


Our wish is for you to be inspired by Irvin's House of Flavour, a family run business. Experience the fabulous aromas, taste the superb quality and take yourself on a journey around the world in our amazing emporium.


Remarkable tea and coffee - make the best at home.


Irvin's have achieved the recognition of


where we were awarded 5 stars for rating and 5 stars for value,

thank you very much.






We hold the '5 STAR RATING FOR HYGIENE' awarded by the Council.


We were awarded the 'MAYORS CERTIFICATE' for our contribution to Wellingboroughs Fairtrade Campaign.