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Herbal Tea

We aim to offer you the best quality herbs possible for you to use. 90% of medicinal herbs are still traditionally 'wild harvested' (mostly by the skilfull hand and eye method).


Our suppliers subject the herbs they source to rigorous quality controls and all medicinal herbs are laboratory tested for identification and compliance to the British and European Pharmacopoeia standards.

 The products are non-irradiated, GMO free and are reassuringly certified by the Soil Association for the sale of natural organic products.

* All items are subject to availability.


Important - the information we offer is for reference only. Irvin's House of Flavour accepts no liability for any harm, damage or illness arising from the use or misuse of any of the herbs/teas listed or described. The use of these products is not a substitute for a doctors diagnosis and care. We strongly recommend that any person with continuing or unexplained symptoms seek the advice of their GP. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should always seek the advice of their GP/Midwife.


Burdock Root

50gm     £2.50

Chamomile Flowers

50gm     £2.80

100gm  £5.60

10 Bleach free compostable teabags £2.65

15 Bio-degradable pyramid bags £2.50


Comfrey Leaf

50gm     £4.00


50gm     £5.00

10 Bleach free compostable teabags £2.65

Dandelion Leaf

50gm     £3.50

10 bleach free compostable teabags £2.85



50gm     £3.50

10 bleach free compostable teabags £2.65

Egyptian Mint

50gm     £2.20

Elecampane Root

50gm     £3.50


20gm     £2.00

Fennel Seed

50gm     £2.00

Hibiscus Flowers

100gm  £4.00


50gm  £2.00

10 Bleach free compostable teabags £2.65

Jasmine Flowers

30gm     £3.00


Also known as Pau D'Arco and Taheebo

50gm     £5.00

10 Bleach free compostable teabags £2.95

Lavender Flower Buds

20gm     £2.00

Lemonbalm, cut

50gm     £3.00

Lemongrass, cut

50gm     £2.50

10 Bleach free compostable teabags £2.65

Lemon Verbena, wholeleaf

50gm     £5.00


Limeflower, cut

Also known as Linden Leaves

30gm     £3.00

Liquorice Root, cut

50gm     £2.50

10 Bleach free compostable teabags £2.65

Milk Thistle

50gm     £4.00

10 Bleach free compostable teabags £3.00

Nettle, cut

50gm     £3.00


Passionflower, cut herb

50gm     £5.00

Peppermint, cut

50gm     £2.20

25 bleach free compostable teabags  £3.00

Plantain, cut

50gm     £3.00


Rose Petals, hand sorted

50gm     £5.00

Rosehips, cut

100gm  £4.00

Raspberry Leaves

50gm     £2.80

Red Sage

50gm     £3.00


50gm     £3.00


Yerba Maté

100gm       £4.00


Herbal Tea Blends

Energy Boost Blend


A nourishing, sustaining and immunity boosting herbal tea. A delicious blend of Yerba Maté, nettle, fennel seeds, hibiscus flowers, star anise, cinnamon, orange peel, ginger pieces and liquorice root.

100gm  £5.00

Ginger & Lemon


A soothing blend of lemongrass, ginger, lemon peels, rosehips, lemon balm and lemon verbena.

100gm  £5.00

Ginseng & Ginger


A well-balanced blend of herbs that will energise and nourish. Ginseng to revitalise, treat exhaustion, impotence and lack of appetite. Ginger to soothe and warm. Echinacea to support and stimulate  the immune system and to help fight colds and flu. Orange peel for vitamin C and flavour.

*Avoid Ginseng if you have high blood pressure

100gm  £6.00



A gentle mix of herbs to help for a relaxed and restful sleep. A soothing blend of lemon balm, lemon verbena, peppermint, chamomile flowers, orange blossoms and lemongrass.

50gm     £4.00

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All items are subject to availability.

New additions:


*Olive Leaves,  50gm   £2.50


*Rosebuds,   100gm   £6.00


*Senna Pods,   20gm   £2.00


*St Johns Wort,   50gm   £3.50


*Valerian Root cut,   50gm   £4.00


*Eyebright,   50gm   £5.00


*Coltsfoot,   50gm   £4.00


*Feverfew,   50gm   £5.00


*Neem,   50gm   £3.00


*Golden Rod,   50gm   £4.00


*Uvae Ursi,   50gm   £3.00





*Focus,   50gm   £3.50


*Hangover Help,   50gm   £3.50


*Snoozy Brew,   50gm   £3.50


*Soothe & Settle,   50gm   £2.50


*Sateasfy,   50gm   £4.00


*Lemongrass & Ginger,   50gm   £2.50


*Reveal Your Inner Beautea,   50gm  £4.00


*After Food,   50gm   £3.00


*Nettle & Peppermint,   50gm   £2.80


*Chill Out,   50gm   £4.00


*And So To Bed,   50gm   £4.00


*Sweet Sleep,   50gm   £3.50


*Dreamtime,   50gm   £4.00


*Rose & Peppermint,   50gm   £3.00